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 ages 12-19      $100 per student (siblings receive 10% off ) 


Speech Camp is designed for students that want to improve their speaking skills.  Whether used for speechmaking or theatre, the voice is the first key to success in communication.  Our speech camp is an immersion in training and activities which help the student understand how to use the voice properly.  Next, the use of physical movement and gesture helps the audience connect to the speaker and engage in the topic.  Learn blocking and gesture, grounding and confidence techniques that have taken students all the way to nationals in NCFCA and STOA.


Day 1 - Morning

The voice: where does it come from?

How do I center and focus intonation?

How to connect the emotion to the sound?

Breathing.  Intonation.  Articulation.

Tongue twisters.



Topics and how to quickly evaluate them.

Organization.  How to study & prepare

Writing during prep time.  Giving a speech the audience will care about - impacting the audience.

Practice & Application.


Movement: how to enhance and not detract from the speech.

Grounded movement.  Breathing.  Walking patterns.

Pacing. Gesture.  Connecting movement to words.  Eye contact.  Self-awareness.

Visualizing the speech for the audience.

Painting the whole picture.



Writing a great speech. (Please bring an old or new speech)

Topics, style, audience appeal, winsome speaking.

Eye contact, the judge and you.

Practice & Application.

Day 2 - Morning


Choosing a piece.


Elements of good interps.

Attention to detail.

Theatrical presence.

Creating a character.

Reading a script.

Volition & Response.


Finding the voice.

Physical attributes for characters.


Day 2 - Afternoon

Practice and application.

Students will work with partners to create a scene for a duo interp.  Coaches and interns will assist.  

Continued study of skills from morning session.


We offer qualified students opportunities for internships.  To be a KingdomArts intern a student must have achieved national level qualification at STOA, NCFCA,  or a similar organization. Acceptance is based on submission of an application and an interview.


                Makenna Schiltz
                        3 year NCFCA Nationals Finalist
                                 2018 STOA Nationals Qualifier
                                 2018 NCFCA Region 4 Champion - Biblical Presentation
                                 2018 NCFCA Nationals 9th place Biblical Presentation
                                 2018 NCFCA Nationals 7th place Open Interp
                                 2018 NCFCA Nationals 19th place Sweepstakes 

Katie Spake

3 year NCFCA Nationals Qualifier

2018 NCFCA Region 4 Champion - Original Interp

2018 NCFCA Regional Championships 2nd Duo Interp

2018 NCFCA Tulsa Qualifier 1st Place Open Interp

2018 NCFCA Region 4 Championship 9th Place Sweeps