Values-Driven Arts - Shine Your Light!


Students study and practice drawing, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, ink, etc.  Each semester focuses on learning and polishing skills in various areas to make a well-rounded artist.  From there, the student can develop their personal interests in style and form.

One to four public showcase art shows give students the opportunity to display their artwork and receive public viewing.  In addition, artists from the Houston area are invited to give feedback to students through evaluation and ribbon placement.  Students compete against a standard for each level, not against each other.  The goal is to help students learn to evaluate where they need to improve as well as to see how their work is viewed by the artistic community they hope to be a part of in the future. Participation in shows is not required.

Friday Class             2:00-3:30pm              Spring, TX


Location near Spring Stuebner and Louetta   

Art Level 1 (12 & up) 

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